Olga was born in Belgium of an Italian father and a Greek mother. She finished high school at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and  life was always for her inspiration and creativity.

Inspiration and Creativity

She studied at the University (UCE)of  Central England in Birmingham. Here she obtained BA (Hons) in Design - Construction Furniture and 3D Design and Management and took part in «New Designer Show» in London where she successfully highlighted the skills and ideas in this area.
Today, after years of experience in branded company but also as freelance designer, having decorate businesses and individuals opened her own show room in Thermi Thessaloniki.
In the show room you can find decorative items and small furniture for home, office as well as your business premises  While inspired by nature and its beauties Olga can help you plan all your space based, in your own taste and style with furniture pieces, hand made with care and love here in Greece from solid, laminate and wooden materials.
We are all looking for ways to combine best quality at the best prices. Enjoy your space with feelings of beauty and practicality that align with your budget.

Anything is possible ...


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